Prayer with My Preschoolers


Praying with a preschooler is challenging. Teaching them how to pray is even more difficult. Here is a quick prayer that I pray with my preschoolers. I share it with you to help you see how simple I try to keep it.


You are good, patient, and kind. Thank you for loving me so much that you sent Jesus to die in my place. Help me grow up grateful for Jesus and His life, death, burial, and resurrection. Forgive me for loving other things more than you. Help me keep you first in my life.

Thank you for keeping me safe and healthy. Give me a deep desire to love you and live for you all my life. Help me know that I can’t earn your love. When I make a mistake, draw me back to you.

Help my mommy and daddy guide my life with Your Word. Help them love me like you do. Keep them close to you forever.

I love you, Lord. Amen.

Once we finish this prayer, or a prayer similar to this, we will often ask the girls to lead us in prayer. This means they pray and we recite it. This leads to some sweet moments. Often they will pray for friends, family members, and our church during this time. We love this!

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