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Everyone has a story. Those of us who are believers in the Lord Jesus have a story that needs to be shared. In fact, each time we share our spiritual story (our “testimony”) we bring honor and glory to the God. God delights in His people sharing how they have been rescued and redeemed by Him. One of the greatest ways to bring glory to God is by acknowledging the work that He is doing in our lives and sharing that with others. In order to be effective in this we must be sensitive to the listener by preparing and sensitive to the Spirit by sharing. Here are 4 quick tips that will help you prepare your story and give you confidence to share it:

  1. Write your story: This is something every believer needs to do. Following this simple outline will help you collect your thoughts and prepare you to share your story with others.
    1. What was my life like before Christ?
    2. How did I hear the gospel and surrender my life to Christ?
    3. What difference has Christ made in my life? How have I changed?
  2. Practice your story: It may seem weird but practice telling your story…to yourself. This simple art will help you organize your thoughts without rambling. Also, practicing your story affords you the opportunity to share it in as little or as much time as you have. There are 3 versions of my story that I practice:
    1. The elevator version (3 minutes): This version is best for a quick elevator ride, car ride, or walk to class. You can write this version out by using the format above and answering each question in 150 characters or less. Then practice it.
    2. The airplane version (10-15 minutes): This version is best on a flight, over coffee, or a walk around the block.
    3. The “sermon” (20-30 minutes): This is obviously the long version. I share the “sermon” version of my story when playing golf, speaking at a public event, or a long car ride. I’ve learned, my story is as interesting to others as it is to me. Therefore, I try to stay on track, respect the listener, and honor God.
  3. Pray: Let us never deemphasize the power of prayer. Prayer provides courage and boldness to share. If you’re in a conversation and you know you’re going to share your story, offer up a quick, passionate plea to the Father to use it for His glory. Also, pray for opportunities to share your story and trust that He will provide. Pray like it depends on God for your story to matter to your listener(s), because it does.
  4. Don’t Just Share: Your work isn’t over when your story is told. The point of sharing your story is to persuade the listener(s), not merely inform them. Therefore, we should call for the listener(s) to make a decision to follow Christ.

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